Flash butt welding

During flash butt-welding, parts under tension are slowly moved together. With the initial contact, a fusing and vaporisation of the materials occurs in the contact area under spatter formation. The metal vapour produced here forms a protective atmosphere and prevents oxidation. Sufficient material must be melted under a constant current flow before a short circuit occurs, in order to remove the oxide skins from the joining zone. Finally the parts are pressed together under great pressure and an increased speed, whereby all of the melted material is pressed out of the joining zone.

[Source: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schweissen]


ATEC products in flash butt-welding

Tensile bar welding system: Welding reinforcing steel and stainless steel tensile bars of varying diameters and lengths


Head end welding system: Head end half shells are welding into head ends for radiator element production


Radiator element welding system: Head ends and tubes are welded into radiator elements of varying dimensions (200mm to 3000mm)